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Sunday, May 13th
Pastor Michael Hunsberger
There are times when fulfilling the responsibilities of being a mother can seem thankless and neverending.
Married or single, working or stay at home, the job of a mother is one that requires strength, consistency and diligence. It’s for those very reasons that it should always be the most revered position of all.

Sunday, April 29th
Pastor Michael Hunsberger
When confronted with challenges in our life – do we choose to see the giants and possible defeat, or the pending victory and promise fulfilled? Are we searching for God in the midst?
Follow along with Pastor Mike, as he leads us in a study of the “Minority vs Majority.”
Sunday, April 22nd
Pastor Michael Hunsberger
What holds you back from flying – from walking in your God-given destiny? How can you move forward into God’s calling for your life, battling fears, doubts or insecure thoughts?
Follow along with Pastor Mike this as he leads a study on how God encourages you to “Let Yourself Fly!”

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